In 2011 we created a new logo and brought a new appearance to the company. We helped to develop a new website and sales materials. We made business cards, letterheads, powerpoint templates, and all the usual stuff including a complete brand guide. Then we started making unusual stuff...

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30A Cottages & Concierge

30A Cottages and Concierge is a new property management company in Florida that focuses on very personal, high-end service for both home-owners and renters. The logo needed to feel "clean" and "professional" but it also needed to remind people of the beach and being on vacation...

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Tea Light Logs

These tea light candle holders were designed for an outdoor wedding that ended up getting moved inside. They now reside permanently in a non-functioning fireplace where the play on fire and wood becomes even more quirky.

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Refinished Dresser

This dresser has followed me from college and was on its last leg when I decided to do something about it. I reinforced the crumbling carcass, stripped all of the old finish and stained and painted it to create a modern classic.

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a Ukrainian word that means "sunshine"

Sonech•co is a "design consulting" firm which is the best way for us to say that we do anything. We do architecture and toys. We do web design, logo design and branding. We do furniture and interior design.