Empty Your Cup

Once there was a man who became very interested in zen. As was his nature, he delved into books and studied as much as he could. Months had passed and the young man had done piles of research but he felt no closer to understanding what zen was. He decided it was time to talk to an actual zen master.

The young man sat outside the temple awaiting the end of prayer as his research had told him to do. When the master finished he approached the student, said hello and asked how he could help.

What is zen?

The master began his response by discussing the words of the Buddha but was eventually interrupted by the student

I know all of that. I've researched this topic quite heavily

Foregoing the history lesson the master the master quoted a famous old monk who spoke of zen. The student knew the quote and countered it with a quote from a different monk. The master replied.

Let us get some tea.

The master led his guest to the tea house without speaking another word. The student took this silence as an invitation to discuss his research. He talked of the history of zen as if he had lived it and could quote all of history's greatest masters as if he had heard them say it. Eventually they made it to the tea house where the tea was waiting for them. The master sat and began the ceremony. The student, who hadn't stopped talking, sat as well. As is the custom, the master began to pour the tea for the student. The little cup quickly filled up but the master did not stop pouring. As the tea spilled over the edge of the tea cup and on to the table the student finally got quiet. The master kept pouring. Eventually the tea flowed off the table and the student jumped up so as not to get wet.

Umm… Sir? Are you okay?

The tea had run out and the master stopped pouring. He calmly placed the pot down and looks at the student who was still standing in shock.

Your mind is like this cup. It is already full and therefore it can't carry any more. If you want to learn, you must empty your cup.

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