Hand-made, crocheted toys

We started out making toys as an attempt to implement the “Do what you love” concept. Sonech.co Toys is about bringing a more eccentric style to the art of crocheting. First, there came some hacky sacks – a basic spherical shape which gradually turned into mice and then evolved into ochopods, ukis and other creatures. All of our toys are designed to appeal to child inside each one of us and should be appreciated as artistic objects. Our brainchildren have no patterns and are born in a creative tandem.

We work on details a lot and use graphics to convey some peculiar ideas as for example in “Breakfast Special” and “How to: Hatch a Chick”. When Benedict and Ham-O-Let got paired up and the chick got his stitched up shell the image was still incomplete. The idea of a cast iron skillet as a hat for the pig became the finishing stroke for this design.

Stitched up egg shells make great packaging for our birds. One has a chance to hatch out a bird by cutting the black string representing the crack. After pulling out the unnecessary pieces of string the two shell parts can still be used.

In order to avoid making same toys over and over again we limited the runs to 50, 25 and 15 for different creatures. This pushes us to constantly work on new designs.


Sonech.co (sonechko)

a Ukrainian word that means "sunshine"

Sonech•co is a "design consulting" firm which is the best way for us to say that we do anything. We do architecture and toys. We do web design, logo design and branding. We do furniture and interior design.