YHMG: Impact Delivered

When we first started working for YellowHammer we were only making ads and the creativity was typically limited. From a creative point of view, internet advertising can be a sink hole. It requires a lot of production which limits the time available to be creative. Eventually the bulk of the actual work was farmed out and we were able to focus time and energy towards more creative projects.

In 2011 we created a new logo and brought a new appearance to the company. We helped to develop a new website and sales materials. We made business cards, letterheads, powerpoint templates, and all the usual stuff including a complete brand guide. Then we started making unusual stuff. We designed wine bottle labels, hoodies and t-shirts, branding for their softball team, social media profile pictures, clocks, mouse pads, and beer cozies. We created invitations to parties and holiday cards. At times we wrote blog posts for them and made images for many blog posts. We designed ads for print, trade show banners, and even did some custom photography for their tag-line: Impact Delivered.

Creating landing pages and emailers was another responsibility of ours. A landing page is usually little more than a single page that a user lands on after clicking an ad. Typically the point of the page is to increase the user's interest and get them to click again before they start entering information. The emailers are just spam. Both of them require basic HTML and CSS layout abilities.


From the Style Guide

Sonech.co (sonechko)

a Ukrainian word that means "sunshine"

Sonech•co is a "design consulting" firm which is the best way for us to say that we do anything. We do architecture and toys. We do web design, logo design and branding. We do furniture and interior design.